I know, I know, you read the article and now
you're anxious to find out about the new new big thing,
but it's a heavy heavy load of work I cut out for myself
and its gonna be a little while longer before its presentable.
I know you understand. After all, you don't want to see something
that looks like THIS again, do you??

For now, settle for the existing bit of old stuff that is every bit as bad
as every other Dayton related site you've seen. It's gonna get better though.
I swear..

Oh yeah, one last thing... Got a new band or project
and want it featured on the NEW site?
Send me mail.

All genres accepted, it just happens that the only bands
i really know about are the crazy loud rock type.
I'd be happy to post anyone from the region though.

local music

Let's Crash

the Igniters

Altered Statesman

the Stoics

Special Patrol

Swearing at Motorists


The Mulchmen




Lab Partners

Ohio Silver

My Latex Brain


Real Lulu


Steven Gullet

The Jackalopes

Liquid Legbone

Salvador Deli


R.I.P. - Local Bands who are No More

Haunting Souls
(more of a historical reference....)

Invisible Rays

The Oxymorons

Love Lies Bleeding

Colonel Bleep

The Mystery Addicts


Scorched Earth


other sites of interest

Olive Records

Sponic 'zine

Big Beef Records

Refraze Studios

Mutant Renegade 'zine


local clubs featuring original music