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Scorched Earth. What the hell can I say about the band? We were around from Jan '92 to Jan '94 and we played one hell of a lot of shows in that time. We didn't leave any lasting legacy, but we builtup a core of somewhat fanatic followers who supported us almost unceasingly. It is for that reason that I have compiled this tape of (mostly) unreleased recordings. The stuff is by no means perfect, and not always a good representation of the band... the 'Spar' release I think was the closest we ever got to really sounding like us on tape. Most of it is unmixed, or mixed pretty rough. The songs labeled as such are unmixed versions of songs that were released elsewhere in mixed form. We were much more into playing live than we were into recording, and when we did record we usually didn't have the $ to finish mixing properly. Whatever. It never got out because of our (my) unhappiness with the sounds. The mistakes don't really bug me anymore, I just want to put it out.

The most frequently asked question about the band is definately 'Why the hell did you breakup? You were on a roll!' The answer to that question is this: Our loveable sweetheart drummer Stevie decided to pursue something a little more stable and less stressful career-wise. He quit to put his time into college, and this is understandable. In the last months the band was around, Steve was working in a pizza place, delivering papers at might, going to school during the day and then trying to keep up with the band schedule on top of all that. He had just moved our on his own and was fighting to keep everything in his life together. He had to quit something or he was going to snap. The bottom of his list of priorities was (unfortunate for us...) the band. So he quit. Who can really blame him? Life can get shitty, and being in a band is not the easy task people think it is. We all regretted his leaving, but there is no animosity. Once again, I miss him terribly. He is a very talented young man.

After Steve left, the idea was tossed around that we should continue with new drummer. I personally felt that he was an integral part of the band, and that it wouldn't be Scorched Earth without him. Also, members of the band were starting to move in different directions musically, and we began to feel that maybe we should pursue our own projects... and so we did. The band played its last show in March of '94, and then broke up.

Since then, all of us are involved in new things. Todd went on to join ex-Fathom Theory members in Workhorse, Jim and I put together Nostromo, and Justice is working hard to put together a project of his own. Some of the best shows I ever played were while I was in this band. We got to do a lot of great stuff, and I loved(almost) every minute of it. It was a big chunk of my life, and I miss it sometimes... but Scorched Earth was a band that looked forward, not back.

This is for Stevie, and for you. I hope you enjoy it.

c.wright 6-95